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July 23, 2008



Fun things. Jan is very talented.
How ya doing?

Lisa Hessabi

oooooh!!! Such prettiness today!! Just what I needed, a good dose of glitter with my coffee!! You lucky girl! I'm off to check out Jan's Etsy. Enjoy the sunshine today!

Jan Thomason

Thank you, Cindy! Your post is about the extent of my marketing...oh, wait.
It IS the extent of my marketing so I really appreciate you taking the time to blog about something you bought! LOL
Oh, and your check cleared! You must have gotten that problem with the bank cleared up.

I was going to post a comment like I was someone else but I see that my name is left with my post so that fun is not happenin'.
If I WAS going to do that, I would have said something like,
"Wow. Such talent in such an old woman. I must rush right over to her Etsy shop and buy some things. I hear they're a poor family *two in college* and I want to help any way I can."

That's what I WOULD have said.
Instead, I'll say thank you and that I cannot wait til the retreat.
I wonder what I'll teach?
Just kidding.

xoxo, jan

cindy're a riot! Seriously. Keep persuing that stand-up comedian routine! : D LOL.
-yap cat


love your goodies from Jan!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

How adorable! Nothing beats getting a fun package in the mail that isn't asking us to pay two arms and three legs.

Stop by for a visit..having a little giveaway.


Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

I wish my mail was full of fun treats like that! I am going to have to start oredering from Etsy. I have to find a site for new paper. The paper at the local craft stores are getting old. Time for a change!


I order from Etsy, so I can have fun mail! How big is that sparkly bird? Too fun to win a prize, huh?


Hey Cindy- Love the bird, so pretty. You have gotten some good mail~

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