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July 11, 2008



I think it's entirely possible to be *both* a crazy bird lady and a crazy cat lady, despite that the two are natural enemies and should never under any circumstances meet, not even in an art project. I like what I've seen so far - when do we get to view the whole enchilada?

I just read somewhere that birds do not "live" in nests; they only build them when they are getting ready to lay eggs. Once the baby birds are gone, the nest is abandoned. Seems a shame; even as a bird, I think I'd rather sleep in the relative luxury of a nest than by clinging precariously to a tree branch. (Hopefully I raised the reading level of your blog with that last sentence. PS: Mine was "elementary" too. Dangit.)

Alison Gibbs

Sounds like your brothers are fun.
Love the look of your latest creation


Cindy, I have given you an award! The rulez said I had to tell you about it, so whatever you do, don't visit my blog unless you want to have to deal with all the award rulez! LOL


Love the bird theme!


The snippets are great--can't wait to see the whole thing finished. I like the bird nest theme too. Don't fight it--you're creating some good stuff.
Your big words are impressive:) and I do think I counted more than three!


You always raise blogdom to a new standard with your posts. phooey on those who said otherwise. Having me the brothers three, I must say that they are a mess. What is it my dad used to say..."100 comedians out of work and look who's trying to be one" or something like that. Dying to see the full reveal of above---I have lots of chapstick if I need it (HA)


From one "crazy cat lady" to another, I totally "get" this bird theme! I love these snippets and can't wait to see more.

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

Cozy, snug retreat, home that is a great definition. I have a nest outside that up until two days ago a few little birdies called home.
Your new creation looks very interesting! Buttons, thread, nest and birds will never let you down!


I would consider that a compliment Cindy!! I love birds too so I'm right there with you ~ From the glimses of the piece it looks beautiful, have a great weekend! xxoo, Dawn


what pretty little peaks you shared ... who doesn't love a nest & do have to agree that just may be the best definition of nest EVER. :)

Lisa Renea

Love the sneak peeks! As always your posts make me smile and inspire me!!

two crazy crafters

Thanks for visiting! I enjoyed this post very much! I can't wait to see more of what you created! You are always very inspiring! Twyla


You are so Not Crazy! Just a little zany! LOL! I love your projects. You are so right...nature is just amazing and beautiful!


i love nests too, i have several real ones in my house that i fill with whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, they really are beautiful and work wonderfully for display...i think your work with birds and nests is gorgeous...rock on!!!


Hey Cindy!
I've always thought bird nests were amazing too. So much work, so meticulous.
Gotta love those brothers--

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