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June 09, 2008


Road trip with Ruby

Hi Cindy, thanks for leaving the nice comment. I have to admit, it did take a couple of glasses of wine to cut the magazines up :)
Your work is awesome and I've enjoyed looking at everything. I'll visit again.

Alison Gibbs

Oh... I would keep 'Eat Cake' if it were me. They are all lovely. The lavender and brown go well together.


Cindy, look at you go! They're all great! I really do like the colors on 'creative' a lot!

Sandy Ramsdell

I'm linking you to my blog. Love your style. I would be glad to trade atcs. I'll save both you like. Email you with details Sandy


those look SO great!!! you have a lot of fun images to play with, i like that first girl...she looks really saucy:)

Tina Wright

shame on the basket stealer!
The books R yummy...

meleen dupré

....the basket thing...what's up with that??? do people just zone out, think it's their's, keep on shopping, and wonder when the get home, huh, i don't remember picking that out?? there must be way too many people walking around on heavy duty meds!!!



The journals are certainly your thing. Very pretty. Love the Marie one! ;)

Lynne Laura

Hi Cindy girl! You just keep getting better and better...just love these books of yours...Yes keep the one with the orange bow for yourself...

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Lynne Laura

Hi Cindy, I have passed you an award, please stop by my blog to pick it up!

Lynne Laura


OMG, the bird with the cherries! I just did a spread in a fabric book with that exact same bird! (LOVE it.) Did you get him off the Dover book/CD about birds? I've had mine about a month and use it constantly. I've seen these little journals at Hobby Lobby (and even bought one to use), but never thought to re-decorate the covers. They really are a great price considering all the tedious (binding) work is done for you. :)


Hi Cindy...Thank-you so much for visiting. What a mess I had on my hands today...

As always, your work is wonderful. Will have to pay a visit to Etsy...

Take care.
Hugs, Nancy


That is the address for the Halloween ATC cards. I also left you a message in your Etsy email (smiling with Chesire cat grin)



Hi Cindy, came upon your site and you are very creative. I'm new at blogging and invite you to come by and leave a post for an apron giveaway. I think if you put www. in front of your etsy address when you post about it, people can click onto it go directly to it.
Have a Blessed Day,

Debra Johnson

Wonderful books!!! Love 'em!
Too funny about the bathroom thief!!(* not too funny for you..)
I always want to post a sign on my cart....'Don't touch - I bite'!
I had a woman(an employee) at Walmart step up to my cart the other day and exclaim: "Sheesh...what the heck kind of crap is this they want me to put away now??" which I quietly said: 'Excuse me...that's my cart'....*she was sooo embarassed. I thought maybe I should be too...since I wanted to purchase all this 'crap'....but, then again....Walmart is my all-in-one shopping home...a little groceries, a little clothes, some art supplies, and nice towel...along with ya know a piece of garden furniture or something - hehehe!

I can't tell one bit that your books were did a beautifuljob on them! Lovely!

Vicki Chrisman

OH everything is beautiful! I'm LOVING that "dream" jounrnal with the butterfly!!!


Eat Cake is my favorite. I really like the black and white theme.

Mary Isabella

Thank-you for the recipies. I have been catching up on all your post. You are one creative girl....Againg thank-you so much for this yummy gifts.

Wonders Never Cease

I LOVE those!
Very pretty!


Oh, I think it's like eating potato chips--can't stop at just one. :)

Lisa Hessabi

Girl, you've been busy!! Yes, yes, keep the cute little birdie in the cheery cherry tree!! :o) So sweet and perfect for Summer!! Love your new little birdies, and am seriously coveting all your new scrapping goodies!!!! You better sleep with one eye open tonight! LOL

Have a good one!!
Night Burglar


Cindy...I think I would keep that one fave also!!! I guess we are on the same "page" with the journals right now! I just got your comments while I was reading your blog...funny right!? Except everytime I try to leave you a comment, aol would shut me down. Hmmmmm????


you're always creating such sweet things!! these are darling!


Oh My GOSH Cindy those books are so darn CUTE!!!!!
You are so creative.....
You know the cherry one is my favorite!!!!!! :-)

I tagged you....come by my bloggy poo for more details!

Have a great weekend,
Cherry Hugz,

Linda Harre

I love the little journal....and yes, no chocolate (today that is....LOL)


Hi Cindy!! The journal's are beautiful!! I am always afraid to leave my cart of goodies in the store and that is why!! LOL!!


Jenn - BAD AOL. LOL. Dunno what is going on....strange.

-yap cat


Lisa - don't forget I have ATTACK cats! LOL.

-yap cat

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