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June 19, 2008



wow, maybe I should mail something to dh. This banner is to die for. Awesome job. I like the cards, but know what ya mean, glad you are enjoying the journey at least....Sis


that banner is AWESOME! and sure to inspire. :)

I really like the whole butterfly part of the second card - it all works so well, you know?

ok ... my turn for a wee bit. :)


Cindy, I love the create banner and what a perfect place....above your art desk!!! You know what may not light your fire, will light other's!!! I love this butterfly page girl ~ xxoo, Dawn


i love your butterfly collages, i have some of that ribbon in the last one, SO cute!!! love the banner you won...YIPPEE...don'tcha love those wins:)


All I can say is pure eye candy. I kepts scrolling up and down! I love it all. Paper and Glue is magical and in your case material thread and buttons.


I love the butterfly card, it's a lovely combination & that banner you won is so sweet! Thank you so much for visiting my blog Cindy!


Don't you love the bold colors that Darly works with. I'm a pretty muted chocolate/coffee/orange/pink gal. I do enjoy looking at her colorful work :) Great Banner.
Hugs to ya,

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

I have been working on a few banners myself. They are nothing like the one you received. It is bold and beautiful. I know what you mean about enjoying the journey. I look at some of the first cards I made and how I thought they were just so great. But now I look at them and they were not that great. But I kept at it and now I really like what I am doing. Without those first cards...I would not be making banners, boxes and flowers, so many flowers!
So I guess I am enjoying the journey...with a few wrong turns along the way!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Oh, Cindy, you always make me smile! I do like the dog show reference, but journey is good too:)
The banner from Darly is great! Love your cards, too!
Hugs, Marilyn:)

Jan Thomason

i feel so badly for your poor husband so i'm going to send him our bills.

i've missed you! it's been entirely too long since we've talked. i'm anxious to find out what you and T have come up with for the retreat.................

Irma's Rose Cottage

Love the new banner you received. Very colorful.
Your cards are great!, especially the butterfly one. I love butterflies.

Irma :)

Alison Gibbs

What a fabulous banner


Oh....I'm going to the Tea Party too! Sam and I are going out in the morning to do something special!

Lisa Renea

Wowee-what a fabulous banner! Don't ya just love banners?? Love your creations here, too. Fun stuff! :)

Dee Dee -

I really like the butterfly, and the quote is lovely.

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