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June 16, 2008


Tina Wright

oh WOW, what wonderful goodies she sent you!! I told her SHE needs a blog...That was a great swap wasn't it :)


sniffin' candles--one of my oddities as well, as you know. Lovely things in the swap. I should do more swaps--but it wouldn't be fair to the others who would never get anything from me.. (hee hee). I am actually finally going to post about birds/bonnets tonight......and it isn't even freezing here in H*ll


Good gravy, you totally SCORED!!! The home run of swap partners; she really hit one out of the park! (I hope she'll join more swaps. That I'm in.)

Alison Gibbs

What a great swap you were in - such fun gifts.


i wanna be a cowgirl too after getting an eyeful of those wonderful goodies!!! the scroll is toooooooo clever and i love that little boot!!!

things in common: i LOVE cilantro!!! i am the only one in this house who does...i think doritos are heavenly, have you had the salsa verde ones with CILANTRO???

ps: i can almost see you stomping about in a maine winter wearing your flips...i think you need to re~think your whole i hate summer thing...LOL:)


Cindy, I am so happy that you like it! Did you got the little mail box with the nest inside where a cowgirl was born? I hope you did!
Again, was my first swap and I am happy that I did it! Thank you Tina!
Hope to get together and play one day.

Irma's Rose Cottage

WoW! You struck gold. Great Cowboy items.
I was a Cowgirl in our school's pepsquad, boots and all. Lots of fun.

Irma :)

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

The little cowboy boot is just too cute! That was some swap. Who didn't want to be a cowgirl at some time during their life?
I just let my daughter "borrow" a pair of boots that I have had for 15 years. I'll never see them again. I live in Rhode Island, I would rethink the Maine thing if I were you!


You got some nice swap love there! Andrea knows how to fill a box with great trinkets.

On a side son and family live in Austin. I have visited a couple of times. It is a really nice place!


whoa padnuh! ... that's some might fine fare you got yourself there ... I'd rekkon it's good to be a cowgirl!

Andrea sure knows how to set a really high bar! :)


OOOOOh...I love cilantro too! My husband is Columbian and he got me hooked on it years ago. fave "bad" snack but they have to be ranch!!!

Debra Johnson

OH!! Just loved all the tid bits at the end...*funny, how those random tags help us learn a little bit more about a person...things one would probably never find a way to place on a blog...or want to!! hehe!!
I have to say a huge AMEN to the living in Maine verses Texas. My husband and I never thought it was in the Lord's plan to have us here...we'd always thought we'd move away.( husband born and raised here..I’m a transplant from Minnesota 25+ years ago) We’d LOVE to move somewhere with beautiful topography …ya know, other than brown…flat…big spaces…..would be nice;) We lived in Boston and snuck out to Maine as often as we could…..Oh MY GOODNESS….just amazingly beautiful!!! *But – you are braver than I…the very very cold weather would make me hesitate. Having come from Minnesota…I vowed my snow shoveling days are over:) So…at this point I think I’m waiting to be very very rich ( haha!) and have a home in each place…the whole ‘snowbird’ thing ya know!! Right now….I have to be content with the 94 degree heat…and place my face in the freezer every now and then for an arctic blast;) * Big whoop!

BTW…LOVED all the fabulous cowgirl stuff!!What a treasure trove!
Hope you have a fabulous wee:) Debra

Debra Johnson

That was suppose to say 'week'.....*oops!! Debra

Maija Lepore

Fall girl? You'd die here in Phoenix! It's about 115!! I have always loved Fall, but it only lasts for 2 weeks

Wonders Never Cease

What a treasure chest! Lucky you!

And I love the smell of honeysuckle too. It takes me right back to my childhood!



"fabulous wee" ....hee hee

I think we knew what you meant Debra, but I'm still snickering..


LOL. I know! I love it. Fabulous wee! Hee hee. I harrassed her about it today on email. Just too dang cute! : D
-yap cat

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home

Girl, you are an absolute hoot! Always love your comical posts....thanks for being a sport about the tag thang!

Hope to see ya soon Cindy!


Dee Dee -

Yeah, I think spoiled is definitely the right word here. She did an awesome job! Reading your post reminded me that I used to love Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. Wonder if I should try them after all these years or if I'd just be tempting fate? ;)


this looks like it would have been a fun swap. we lived in wyoming for about 15 years so cowboyish/western art always catches my eye.
how about a sunchip? ;-)

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