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June 28, 2008


Wonders Never Cease

I just knew you would have an amazing party at your place and your hat does not disappoint! Incredible!
I always enjoy your Wonderland!


Absolutely darling "tea party" post!!!....Such pretty photos!!! See you at the party!...Heidi :)

noodle and lou studio

Hello Cindy!! I am having some serious hat envy:):) I just love your fabulous creation!! See you at Miss V's!!! xox...jenn

Donna O.

Fantasitic to see you here at the TEA!! And your hat?? Fabulous!!

Paris Parfait

What a fabulous hat! How can you not have fun when wearing that??!!

Carrie West

Hello~ that hat is just fantastic!!!!
Very creative!!!~

Enjoy your day!


Your hat is lovely! Thank you for the cup of earl grey and ginger hearts...and the far from boring visit, poor Alice--she doesn't know!

Lisa Hessabi

Darling, that's jolly good fun!! What a marvelous chapeau, and won't you look smart in it!! Have fun at the party (omg - Vanessa did an amazing job on everything!!)!! :o)


did i tell you i ADORE your hat?


you are so tre clever!

you must go here:


What a delightful hat. I simply love it. Now that you are all dressed up you have places to go! I do hope one of those places is my tea party. I have party favors, baubles, and moondancing.


i am back
{{i could not help myself}}


have you been here yet:

i don't want you to miss a thing...


LOVELOVELOVE that hat! Now, why don't we get to see it ON you? Seriously! Off with your head! I mean - put it ON your head! (I think I've had too much pink lemonade today! Oh my, what a party!)


ooops i messaged you 2 times
about debbie
but truly...

THAT is how good it is!


{{ i am such a mess }}


Hats off to your lovely hat. See you at the party!


Lovely Mad Hat/Tiara!
So creative and wonderful!


Great table vinette! I love the whimsy of it and the cookies ...YUMMO! I'm enjoying all the goodies along the way! What a fantistic party.


Very purrty!
I think I'll nab me some of those cookies if you don't mind, they just look too yummie...

Sue - TheMagicBartender

Happy Mad TEA Party!!
Nice to meet You!

I'm tryin' to gain 20lbs @ this party!!
Cheers, Sue `*>~[


Wow, what a crown. Fit for a Queen!
Thanks for the little snack.


I love your mad hat! And the Earl Grey tea is perfect for me. Ginger cookies did you say?! Oh my very favourite of the favourites!! I'm having so much fun at Vanessa's party -- she should do this more often!! hee!!

tina wright

What fun, too bad I had to paint instead...maybe next time I can attend...

Laura Bray

I love your hat!


Love your hat, adore your tea..
Happy mad hatter day to you...
glad I stopped by..


Amanda Button

Mavelous Chapeau indeed!!!

xoxo amanda button
Pandora's Buttonbox

Irma's Rose Cottage

Love your hat! Enjoyed your party.
Now I'm off to party some more.

Irma :)


Divine creation as pretty


if there was (is?) a contest for best mad hat, I'm fairly certain you'd win hands down - that is one fab mad hat!!

thanks for the giggles ... gotta get a move on.

xx's ~M~

Mandy Saile

wow, that's a great party hat. May I sit down for a cup of tea and some of those ginger cookies:D
Thanks for the party....Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy:D

Lindsey and Twyla

Vanessa saved the best for last! I love your hat!
I always enjoy visiting your blog! Have a good weekend, Lindsey

A Fanciful Twist

Okay, I have to say WOWOOWOWWEE ZOWEEY!!!!! I Lloooooove your mad cake hat!!! I also adooore your blog!! Wonderful!!!! Merry merry DAY!!


Your ginger hearts are so sweet! Who makes them?
I am about partied out now but will be up until late so feel free to stop by my party and enter for my giveaway.


Oh how Wonderfull party hat you have! I think I need to buy another one for me! Would you
make one for me?


Now THAT is what I call a HAT!
So sorry about the butter - it was the best butter too...
For such a sleepy fellow, that Dormouse certainly gets around, we found him in the sugar bowl, at our table. Though I think he knew he was safer there from the Cheshire cat, than the butterdish, over at our place.
Thank you for ginger cookies, tea and hospitality!


Wonderful MAD Hat!!! Yummy tea...just cut that cup in half...ok!
GreaT fUN!!


The hat turned out wonderful. Too bad you couldn't get that little girl's shoes to go with it. Another day perhaps. I'm off to mingle some more.


so nice to have seen you at the party - your hat is divine darling!
what fun we had...more tea?


What fun! I love the hat! It is truly mad! I need hats like that to teach with. A story in a hat! What a great concept! It is devine!


oh just too cute:)
paper art is charming in your party hat!!
so fun!


Holly Devlin

oooh love all of these sweet little photos & goodies!!!! what a perfect post for such a fancy party! xoxoxox!

Britt-Arnhild in Norway

Nice to meet you at the party :-)

LiLi M.

I love that hat! Those gorgeous labels! Hope you are still partying and having a good time. If you aren't tired yet you are always welcome at my place.
Have a nice Sunday!


Your hat is stunning ! Can I try it on please ? I lend you my hat I got from Kathryn Antyr for this party for a while.
Would you like one of my cakes and a Belgian wafle ?

Inge ( from Belgium)


Ha! Love, Love that hat!!!!
Happy Tea Party Day!



Last but certainly not least....What a party! Your setting is absolutely magical!

Ann-Denise Anderson

Superb!!Sorry I am late, it's takes a bit of time to see everyone's inspirations! Come by for a animal crakers and tea, there is plenty left!


Oh My Goodness! I love LoVe LOVE your MaD tEa PaRtY hat!! I'm very glad I came to visit :)

~ Anna

Cookie Sunshine

Yes, this is such a fun place to be, and it is true that you do enjoy tea! I really do enjoy visiting your blog.



Cute hat! Sorry I was late for this important date!

Paula Clare

Oh my! The hat is just absolutely adorable! Such a wonderfully whimsical style! I LOVE IT! Thank you for the party...won't you come (in your hat of course) and join the mersisters and I in the hot tub? We'll save a glass of pink champagne for you!

Vicki Chrisman

That hat is FANTASTIC!!!

Debbbie Egizio

Look at that wonderful hat!! Oh, and that bee. You know, I just love bee's. What fun!

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

I am sorry that I am late to the party, I have been quite busy with a few parties myself.
Your hat is surely one of a kind. Beautiful! Your ideas are so original and fun! That is why I stop by. Love your blog!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

If I'm very good. May I try on your hat? It is quite scrumptious!! I'm still following the glitter trail too. :~)



So many people at Vanessa's I'm still making the rounds but I wanted to tell you that we ADORED your marvelous hat. Beatrice wants to borrow it for the next soiree. And don't worry about Dormouse. We gave him a lift home.

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Hope you had a great tea party! Thanks for your advice, it was very helpful, T


Whew so many tea party stops. :) I just am getting here. Love your hat!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Totally cute hat - just like you!!
Looks like a fun time!


Alison Gibbs

Your hat is fabulous

Lisa Renea

Hey doll, once again your attention to detail blows me away!! Lovely as can be!


oh that hat is to die for! so creative!!!

dayna desastre


Hey, you! Congrats on winning something fabulous from Vanessa! You lucky, lucky thang! (Yes, I'm envious!)

Maija Lepore

I have enjoyed your tea party story!

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