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April 24, 2008


karla nathan

Where does the piles of stuff come from? I live in the same studio mess,even after a major cleanup/redo a couple weeks ago. Of course, I don't have cat hairballs. But I am not saying that in a superior way, because I have to admit that sometimes I have dog pee, and that is worse.


i haven't checked in in forever - and what a fun post. looooove the kitteh!!! she's a-dorable!

It looks really fun in there. :) I am down to a small work space right now, and I don't have a 10th of what you have!


OMGoodness Cindy!!! Your room looks like mine!! I see these beautiful tidy artrooms and keep wondering, "where am I going wrong?" I love seeing your dirty laundry!! Makes me feel good ~ xxoo, Dawn

Jessi Nagy

love your room!!
cute books too.


Your studio looks it! Reminds me of mine right now...creative, but crazy!!

Have a great day Cindy,


It is sucha vicious cycle- clean oraganize, messy and back to the start~ Mine looks like a bomb went off in it~


Oh, man, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today! I'm already in love with yours. And, I love your messy studio. I have a thing about pristine photos of work spaces. We all have times to regroup, but for the most part, "mess" has a lot to do with making the art. Can't wait for future posts and am gonna browse around now. Take care!


Have you been photographing my work space?! It could be my table.
But I love your idea for the paint bins. Mine are in shoe boxes and a wire twirly thing that is hideously ugly.
Happy cluttered creating.


I ran out of table space in my studio, so am now concentrating my efforts on filling up the kitchen table. When I see pristine rooms, I always secretly hope there is a pile of stuff in the non-photographed area...(evil huh?) Your studio is so pretty, even "junked" up, it is a beautiful room....wish you would show pictures of the room on a bigger scale--OK, now that I've revealed my secret you probably won't


I found your blog on Look Beyond the Picket Fence. You have some great ideas. Pretty blog.........I'll be back.



your kitty is so pretty...i don't have a mess...i don't have a studio, that's right, i am forced to clean up immediately when i am done making something, else my kitties will cart away all of my supplies...i wish i had a studio to make a mess in, you are lucky!!! i think i would be far more productive if i had my own little space to work in, where i only had to clean up when i felt like it!!!


oh how I would love to come play in your studio with you!

sandra @7th St. Studio

Laughing here, as I can not even walk from front to back in my studio right is truly a danger zone...but turn on some good music and I can create in the midst of it all!!! The more the mess, the faster my creative brain ticks...that could sound sick to some people (my mom...totally organized)!!!!-Sandra

Lisa Hessabi

I would so live in there!! But for your furry babies (I would scare them with all my sneezing), so thank goodness for benadryl! lol

It looks like a great amount of fun was had in there (minus your recent boo boo). And that book for you SIL is too gorgeous!! LOVE the colors and all the embellishments!!!

Feel better, my friend, and take care of that finger!! :o)

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