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April 25, 2008



uh~oh! that looks and sounds like something i would do...wishing you quick healing of your "boo boo"... the journal looks gorgeous and i love your magnets!!! while working on a recent project i discovered something you can file away for future reference should you have any more "incidents"...i bled on a collage i was doing, and instead of pitching it, i decided to try some hydrogen peroxide on a q tip to try to clean up the blood, it worked beautifully!!!


OUCH! what some folks will do for a blog post! LOL Have a good weekend careful!

Jessi Nagy

that looks painful.
im glad you are ok!
love the no dishes part!
that's worth the cut alone. tee hee.
have a great weekend!


You're a cut above the rest! Hope you feel better!


Hazel - LOL! Pretty funny! : )

-yap cat

Tina Wright

GOOOD LAWD WOMAN! what was you thinkin???? Glad you got your shots up todate now~


Warning: Use of this item in a manner for which it was not intended may result in serious injury or death.
Please print the above statement out onto labels via your computer printer and adhere the labels to all sharp objects on your home.
OMG. That must have really hurt. Is it throbbing still? That Dermabond is great stuff ! When my son was 5, I cut the tip of my finger off while slcing a bagle with a new Ginsu knife. My son is now 22 and still leaves the room when I take a knife from the drawer.
miles of smiles,


Oh Cindy...nasty! Had that happen at Christmas time with a newly sharpened knife...ouch!! Love your magnets and journal...hope you won't be out of commission for too long.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy


ug, I'm so sorry about the cut & the visit to the Dr., but think your SIL's book looks fab, the magnets rock and the journal cover kicks!

uber-speedy recovery ~M~


First, I am sorry about your finger. I always get a little nervous when using a craft knife. Your site has been on my favorites for sometime now. You are so creative. Take care. Denise

Lisa Johnson

Cutting your fingers is the worst. I once cut the tip off my finger with my rotary cuter. Ouch! That will teach me to not cut fabric on the floor at 4:00am. ha ha Hey, thanks for stopping by for a visit. It's always so nice to hear from you.



Oooooh that gives me the willies! When I was in college, I was cutting a matt board with just the razor. (I was rushing of course and didn't want to waste time putting the razor in the knife). As I pressed down on the razor blade with my thumb, I realized it was upside down when my thumb went right into the razor...yikes. I love the magnets though!!! That King Kong was pretty funny huh!? Keep creating Cindy and have a nice weekend!

Joy*The Vintage Rabbit

Yikes!! How Painful!! I just found your blog!! LOVE IT!!!I am adding you to my favorites!

Beth Leintz

Owie owie- I think you've shown me I need to have more respect for my exacto knife!

I'm guessing the worst part of the whole thing is how frustrating it's going to be to try and craft with your finger bandaged!

Take care!!


eeu..blood. Hope you find more things to make it worthwhile like no dishes. maybe you will be forced to give up dusting, vaccuuming, and laundry too.


Ouch...sorry to hear about the accident. Your magnets are really cute though! I love the one with the crown :)

Ouch! I got mine with those cutter-bee scissors, and my friend Sandie got hers with the exacto. The dangers of a craft life..

I LOVE the journal cover. Sherri once said that our work looks similar. I can tell I got the better end of the deal. Beautiful work. :)


That stinks!! Don't ask what else can happen- because it will!! At least at my house! Get to feeling better!

Cindy I did dusting and vacumming before! LOL!!!

-yap cat

Shawna need to take it easy! That is yucky! I'm so sorry this happened to you.
I love your magnets and journals....simply always!
Hope your finger heals well because we don't want it to interfere with our "junkin' days!"! I'm ready for one as soon as you are. Canton will be over this week and then I'm FREE!!!! Email me! Take care,

Barbara H.

Ouch! I am so sorry about that! I can't imagine having such a cumbersome thing on my hand. Though getting out of dishwashing is a nice plus. :) I hope it heals well and soon .

Lisa Hessabi

I'm so behind - I am barely learning of your accident! Ouch, my dear! That looks like it smarts. Take care, we need your beautiful pictures to keep us happy!! :o)
Smiles and bandaids,

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