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March 14, 2008


Tina Wright

I think that needs to come to my house, pleasethankyouverymuch :)
looks great! Love your handwriting!!!


I LOVE is soooo what I like!! Just dont have the time!!! has a way of disappearing!lol Laurie


Love the idea of "journalized" greeting cards...
A new term for me. Great idea!
Love your cards.

from my cherry heart

Cindy you are such a tease!!!
85 degrees......lucky you!
It was 40 degrees here today, warm but not warm enough!

Turn the fan on and blow that warm air my way!

Hugz, Dolly


Really nice work. Love your writing, the feel is wonderful, the colors too. I also use quotes or write them or get them from women talking (I could get plenty from you and Beth:-) You two are witty and the fun shines through in your art.

Susan Tuttle

Beautiful colors and doodles! I love to doodle too.



glad you are enjoying your new toys. I like what you are doing with it. Fun cards.


Lisa Renea

oh, oh, oh!! Love this! Very cool!
Your art, always rocks, Cindy! I truly hope in your heart, you know this! (i think i've mentioned, i always save your blog for when i have time to SAVOR and LINGER!!!)


Cindy, your cards look wonderful and you really did capture the feeling you were going for:) i love having new toys to play with too!!!


Love the journals and how they flow! Have a great weekend.


Thanks for visiting my blog !

Your artwork is amazing !

Beth Leintz

Wow- what cool pages- and they really are a different style for you- how neat that you can be so versatile!

Lisa Hessabi

Wowee!! These are gorgeous!! Isn't lovely how inspiration hits us?! Thanks for the inspiration today, Cindy!! :o)


Everything looks SO amazing! You have a lot of talent!

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