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March 13, 2008


Tina Wright

Gal~ get on that no call list ASAP!! this is makin' you crazy!! Love the Wish card, all those butterflys are great!! hugs, t


I love the wish card!LOVE IT!!! And I know your mom is having the biggest and best birthday party in heaven for you! We all love you dearly!!! Now, turn that darn ringer off!!! LOL!


I hate when we get calls at 9:30 at night. Hello its 9:30 we are sleeping, dah~

Jan Thomason

I'm here to save the day, C.
The next time a telemarketer calls you simply ask them if they can hang on just a second;
lay the phone down;
and walk away.
They'll take you off of their list.

You're welcome, my sweet! xoxo, J.T.


I was going to say exactly what Jan just said. It helps you keep personal peace to just lay that phone down and walk away. I hate telemarketers.
Never, ever give to a police or fireman's fund. I was a Firefighter and it is a scam. The groups who do that will give a few hundred dollars out of the tens of thousands of dollars they take in to keep it legitimate. The rest is all "office supplies" etc. No Police or Fire association are ever involved in anything but local fund raisers.
Glad you got lots of Birthday Greetings.


i get those calls all the time and i am supposedly on a "no call" list...whatever, i just don't answer the phone EVER unless i recognize the caller on my caller ID:) i hope you did have a wonderful birthday.


Breathe! I am sure that your mom was there with you in spirit on your birthday!


T - I thought I was! I don't know why we keep getting calls!
P - Thanks for the advice..and they are rude too. If I want, I will give to the local FDP.
J- LOL! Excellent advise! I will try it.

Thanks gals!

-yap cat

Lisa Renea

I always tell the telly marketers, sure I'm interested in your product/hype/bs etc. Then I say, give me your home phone number, I will call you and we can discuss it.
Works like a charm, every time.


We get those dumb calls too. Always when I'm expecting a real call, or when I'm covered in the papier mache or paint. Arg! And our number is only one different from the local sherriff, so throw in a few crazy wrong numbers on top of the telemarketers.
Have a great weekend---I'm not answering the phone. :)

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