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March 27, 2008


Jan Thomason

I think your studio looks fine.
Looks like mine and mine is fine.
Just fine.
Perfectly fine.

hahahaha, jan


Hey, thanks for the visit. My craft area looks like yours and it's normal real it is. (well, that's what I tell my hubby anyways... hee hee).

Beth Leintz

I wouldn't have been blinging either if I could've been shopping getting cool stuff like you did! I love all the trims, the linens- the brown transferware plate- and the STRING- I love string too- it looks so great with ironstone.

You can always bling tomorrow!

Sheri Ingrande

No that is life....We do not need to make excuses. Never enough time in a day. Oh well....


oohhhh so many perdy things..can't wait to shop next week...hope I have some money(hee)..and I must defend my hair comment....It is only because I too suffer from furry animals who place their extras everywhere..that is how I noticed it so easily.


Ohh....your blog was just as delightful even though you didn't bling the birdhouse! Such yummy treasures you found! You are so inspiring. I can't wait until our Girls Junkin' Day next week! YEE-HAW!!!!! I have help for the booth so now I can shop! Let's go divas! Sherri....are you still on?! Hope so!


Glad you came to my site. Thanks for the sweet comment. I TOTALLY get your "good intentions." The first swap I was ever in I flaked on, for good reasons, but still flaked. I'm just glad we're all such sweet blog-people :-)
Hey, I'm still swappin' links, wanna swap?


listen to me: at least you HAVE a studio...i have to create in the kitchen or dining room with cats: crawling all over me, trying to steal my supplies, and YES trying to bite me at i think your studio looks fabulous!!! LOVE the goodies you bought today, swooning over that lovely compact!!! what a find!!!

Tina Wright

What?? have you been in my studio again?? you don't even have a 2x2 space to work


Love all the photos~ Have a great weekend.


Just stopped by to check your house but was impressed with your finds. Yes me too I hAVE A thing for Brown transfer ware. I was designing a blue and brown bird house but didn't finish either so I posted a earlier creation instead.Hope in the future there will be more Blings...Sparkles....Whatever to decorate nests.


Sis - you never have to defend your comments! LOL! Just razzing ya!
-yap cat

Dee Dee R

So fun. Your posts always make me want to rummage something. :)

Arlene McComas

Oh my heavens ...someone else with a string problem...I am laughing out loud..what is the deal with yummy string?..LOTS of yummy string...
See my April 4th post...what can we do with all this yummy string? I will keep watch on your blog waiting for great ideas...
Great Blog...

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