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January 11, 2008



congratulations Elaine....I got a sneak peek at some of the things coming, and you will LOVE them.


WOW! Your booth looks absolutely amazing!

Tina Wright

What an awesome BOOTH!! Love those black letters!!! And that street sign is to die for!!!YOur doing good with that new camera, glad you stepped up to the digi age!!!


Tina, yeah, who knows what could be ipod maybe? LOL.
-yap cat


Ooooh! That booth is beautiful! Looks like I place I would love to shop!

Theresa-Garden Antqs

Wow, ya'lls booth looks great!! I feel a trip coming on. Maybe before long you'll get to make to one of my shows!! Have a great weekend, Theresa

Lisa Renea

Wow! I mean WOW! Your talent is continually amazing me! Oh, yea...the mags, the sister-yet another thing we have in common-lol!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

wow, you have some serious eye candy. I am hankering to go shopping now.
Thanks for stopping by.

Linda Harre

WOW, our will nothing quite so "chic" is a little 8'X 8' space and we don't have anything too wonderful yet! Rog and I had booths for about 7 years and gave up after 9.11. Sales dropped off and the mall was we quit:( Now we are trying to build up some stock before we get our space available. Love your pics and will send you pics when we are set up! Thanks so much for the heads up.....I will forward them to my sis (real sister...ha..ha)

Alison Gibbs

Thanks for sharing all of your goodies.
Love it.


Love that sign!! I want it! haha got anymore? Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics!



I love everythIng in your booth - wish I wasn't so far away so I could spend Saturday shopping there!
I did get your e-mail requesting my blog address, which is -

Have a fun weekend Cindy, and enjoy that new camera.


Dee Dee R

Love the winter garden theme. I might break my christmas papers back out today in your honor. The booth looks like the warm corner in an old mansion that all the kids would sneak to touch and explore.

Karin (creativechaos)

Cindy I love it!! You and Sherri did a great job! Wish I could stop by and do some shopping!!


Wonderful visuals, I love it~~~~

Dee Dee R

A trade day sounds fun. The "huh?" stuff I acquired was given to me by well-meaning relatives. :)

Seeing your blog again, I am thinking I need some burlap in my life.


Oh my goodness!! I LOVE everything in your booth!! You and "Sister" have a great eye for finding fabulous things and for display, too!! I wish I could visit that booth! I want it all!!! :)

sandra feazel

Oh my!!! for those of you that have never ventured to Waxahachie to visit the Doves Nest...shame on you, it is well worth the trip!! Luv, luv the booth, makes me want to get in the car right now!!!-Sandra

Beth Leintz

Your display is wonderful- I kept going over the pictures looking at all the the little details...I'd love to shop from you at an antique show!

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