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November 16, 2007


karla nathan

I did go to see and it looks like the coffee spray worked. Those wings are so pretty, now I have to go to my Hobby Lobby and get some!


LOVE the wings!!! fab!!!

have you heard this little bit of PC, they are asking that santas no longer be fat and jolly but rather trim and fit to give children a more healthy looking santa's lap to sit on...HA!!! this stuff kills me...


Thanks Cindy for the pat on the back. Don't even get me started on the whole Santa thing. Schools here and I'm sure else where can't even mention the word Christmas. Some people just have to much time on their hands.

Donna O.

Lots going on here!! The colors look great to me and those!!

Alison Gibbs

Great post Cindy. Love your journal.
The wings are so lovely. i read about the wings you sent Becky on her blog. So lovely of you to share with her. She did a great job with the coffee spray.


SO? what are you doing with the wings?? I have to check out our HL..Becky did them up cute! Can't see what you do...

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