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November 30, 2007



Cindy, I think it is beautiful. You did a wonderful job. Did you get my request for a set of tags?


Looks great, both original and actual. I'm so proud of you going ahead without it being exactly the way you wanted it or saw it in your head. You could have just posted the actual and we (royal) would never have known, because the piece is lovely. Can't wait to see the actual 26 page booklet completed--I assume you get one anyway. I hope everyone did as nice of job as you did!


well, i think it looks just as wonderful as the original!!!


...poo poo occurs..and sometimes you just gotta shake it off and go on, and that's just what you did ;) looks good~

Bristol @ Cottage by the River

Love the finished project. Don't you hate when math gets in the way of creating. I always bite off more than I can chew:))


LOL! This sounds SO much like me! Last minute and then to do 22 of something the same....uhhh.

Looks great tho!


Sandra Evertson

Love this, Santa watching over those little girls!
Happy Holidays!
Sandra Evertson

Karin (creativechaos)

Now..... I know that you weren't laughing at 2:00 am....but I'm laughing over the 5 pages bought for 22 pages done...hee hee. It turned out wonderful Cindy! I love the subtle shades of green and red.... Good job even if you are PAM and TMI and NPBP......

cathy nash

I seem to have the same symptoms. But in Georgia we have always called it Cronic Procrastination Syndrome.

Love this post, and the card, btw.

Lisa Renea

lol, your blog is always such a treat!! Love this story! Fab creation, too. oh, and for the record, i do stuff like this ALL
the time.

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