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October 02, 2007



Dang, your painting ROCKS!!! I can see why it sold so well!!! Do you live in Austin??? My husband is a graduate of UT!!! BTW, the tag is TRES MAGNIFIQUE!!!! I bet there is nuthin you can't make beautiful!!!!

Tina Wright

Love that little look into your past! Cindygirl!!your painting is awesome!! Thanks for sharing that will us!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

I enjoyed reading this. You have a nice touch. I especially loved those cute chairs, adult and child-sized.


Awesome Girl!!!!!! You are so talented. I know one day you are going to be a world known artist! I loved the post!


Well Cindy, you rock. Your painting is awesome. I love the frames. I was impressed with your paper skills now I find out you can paint. I'm very impressed. Oh by the way, the martha glitter is really fine. It might not collect fur balls. I have a dog and so far the dog hair isn't sticking to it.

Alison Gibbs

Wow you are clever. Love the tag!


drats. I thought it would be about some sordid past that I didn't know about. You do have the talent to be famous you know, but I hang around you for more than JUST that!! These are all great pics of your work. I think that you should put some more out here!!! like the canvas in the booth? pears?? etc...


YIPEE. it's on there now!!! I love it IT is ADORABLE!!! She did such a good job


oh i love the story of the yapping cat (got one of those too - he likes tuna and peas.. go fig!) and your supportive husband. love seeing all your lovely painted pieces as well as the purty tag at the top! :-)

Lisa Renea

Great story! I love it...very cool painted stuff, too. Those pots & chairs-awesome! Girlie ya's got too much talent!!!! Oh, love that tag too, fun stamp, 'eh?

karla nathan

Its nice to meet another painter/paper gluer! I used to paint full time too. Furniture gets heavier and heavier over the years, doesn't it? Nice little scrapbook projects are so light weight after all those years of big painting projects!

i'm glad you are able to incorporate both, your roses are lovely.

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