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September 10, 2009


Tumble Fish Studio

Becky emailed me to let me know as Tina and I have been working on a project together (currently on her blog). I am stunned and have the wind knocked out of me, heart in my throat. We were just emailing Tuesday. Please let Tina know I am lifting up unending prayers for her and sending all of my biggest bestest wishes for her and her family and you too, my friend. Though I have not known Tina long, she has touched and affected my life and I know, I KNOW she can kick this too. FAITH! Love to you all. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING else I can do.


Cindy, i will pray for your friend!!!

Alison Gibbs

My thoughts are with Tina and her family and friends, Wishing her nothing but the best.

Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh no! What awful news!

I'd be happy to include Tina in my prayers. Thansk for letting us know Cindy...prayer can work miracles.

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Cindy, I will keep Tina in my thoughts and prayers as she begins this battle, I will pray for complete healing dear heart, hugs and love, Dawn


I am crushed by this sad news and will keep her and her family in my prayers. I plan on leaving a note on her blog too.


I will pray for Tina! Tina, the prayers of blogland will be lifted up for you & you won't believe their power!!!

kathy lowry

Cindy I will pray for your sweet friend and post on her blog also -- There is an Artist -- Lani Kent(google it sorry it is in my file somewhere ) -- that is a beautiful artist -- but also had many hurts in her life -- She promotes healing in her art . She reposted a letter that she had written for 9- 11 to those who had loss. I read it yesterday and I thought what it said was perfect for anyone who is hurting and knew that it would be great for a friend of mine also , who has had a 3 yr battle with a hard situation in her life -- YOu might read it and decide if it is appropiate for your friend -- my fav scripture over my computer screen is Jeremiah 29:11 Blessings -- Kathy - ga ♥


I am praying for complete healing and recovery for your precious friend, Tina.


Oh my.
Takes ones breath away.
However, having kicked cancer to the curb (SIX years ago, yeah!).
I know that modern medicine coupled with prayers and can be beat.
I will add my sincere prayers for your sweet friend.
And a prayer for you to have a calm and encouraging heart as you help her along the way............Arlene

Common Ground

Blogging has been the same for me, Cindy, and it has brought healing into my life also. You're a good friend, and I will lift Tina up, and go over to her blog and let her know we are with her in this.

Joanna {sweet finds}

Cindy, Let me know if you need anything. :) I'm not that far away... I can run to Waxahachie if you need a hug & a cookie.

Tell Tee we are thinking of her. I'll say a special pray for her & her family. Safe travels! xoxo, Joanna

chantal johnson

As I wrote in my email...We will be praying for her not just for today but for everyday and in every new situation she finds herself in, for her family and for her friends that are like family. I have only known you through emails/planning Fall PC and I have met Tina at The crafty scrapper. I already felt a kindred spirit among us....Let me know what I can do.....

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Cindy, you are such a sweetie how could someone NOT want to be your friend and now you are being sweet again asking for prayer. I will most definately say a prayer for your sweet friend. Talking to God right now...

Mitzi Curi

What a devoted friend you are, I am very touched by your plea for help from the ladies of blog land. We can feel so helpless in these situations and I really think asking for support and prayers from other women is a way to provide Tina with emotional support, which can be healing. I am hoping we can in some way make a difference.


My prayers are with my good friend Tina...and my heart is with her and you Cindy. The two of you made my summer complete. I loved being with y'all. I am sending all energy to Tina right now. BIG HUGS! :)mendy


Oh, my heart is broken! Tina has such a beautiful, fun and creative spirit. I hate for her to have to face this, but I know her loving family and many friends will cradle her with love! I am praying HARD and will not stop!
Blessings and love to our sweet Tee!


I'd be happy to pray for your friend, her family, and you!

Lisa Hessabi

This is sad news, but I am going to be optimistic, and pray that she will be well. Big hugs to you, Cindy!!!!

Diva Kreszl

Tina will be in my prayers! we certainly are an amazing community of women, aren't we???

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

Sweet Cindy, we'll be sending so many prayers and well wishes to both you and Tee!! I hope you can feel how much positive energy is around you now. Your story was so sweet, so touching. You are both such great girls, I just know this will all be OK!
Love, Andrea


i will keep her & her family & friends in my prayers. i understand hom much you can feel connected to people you've never met, it's amazing. hugs, susan


How great is blogland? I'm telling you it's a lifesaver sometimes. Glad I found your blog.
I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers.
As always, thanks for visiting me Cindy, I'm always glad to hear from you.



Meleen Dupré

dear cindy, oh sweet friend, you and tina will both be in my prayers!


Karla Nathan

Best of luck to your friend!


Oh, C., such troubling prayers go out for Tina and for you too.
Thanks for sharing your experience of the incredible connections made through blogging...may Tina receive loads of bloggy-love and strength and peace!


A big Hug to you Cindy! I will be praying for and sending positive thoughts out to Tina!!!

Catherine S.

Sending healing prayers in your direction!

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